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Finding a great mastering engineer is hard - trust us, we've tried! Discovering an engineer who has high standards sonically, professionally and personally is rare...but we are trying to change that.

Weird Jungle is a creative mastering collective run by really talented (and lovely) people who want your project to sound incredible. All our engineers are brilliant, organised and committed to their craft. They are dependable, diligent and damn good at their jobs.

We run Weird Jungle through Carla, our incredible bookings manager, she looks after your project and keeps everything organised. No chasing engineers, no horror stories and no missed deadlines around these parts.

Weird Jungle is here to raise the profile of mastering and provide a valuable service for established and upcoming artists alike.

Take a listen and get in touch!


How do I go about working with a Weird Jungle engineer?

Easy! Have check out our engineers and their work then fill out the contact form to request a booking with your preferred engineer.

Carla, our lovely bookings manager, will find a date that suits you and your engineer, then you just need to send over your mix files the day before your mastering session by WeTransfer or Dropbox.

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To comply with GDPR, the Weird Jungle team has to tell you that they won't ever spam you or give your information to anyone else. All enquiries that come through the website will be replied to, but won't be added to a mailing list of any kind. You won't be advertised at on this website, we're literally just here for the music. Peace out.